FAQs on Pest Control & Extermination 
for Edmond, Mustang Piedmont, Yukon, OKC

Why do I need an on-going pest control service?

There are many kinds of pests in Oklahoma, and you can be affected by them any time of the year. Regardless of the effectiveness of a pest control application, eventually the pests will come back due to Oklahoma’s environment for pest problems.

Will I still see pests after my first treatment?

After the first pest control application it is common to see pests up to 10 days after your first service. We will come back between scheduled visits for emergency service to re-treat, should they arise.

What kind of training do Woodstone Exterminating Technicians have?

Woodstone Technicians are licensed and bonded with the state of Oklahoma. The company provides training courses for each service technician individually, before applying any products to homes. Woodstone holds frequent training courses throughout the year to ensure customers are receiving the best service.

Further, each service technician is screened prior to employment. Such screening includes a background analysis, criminal background check, and drug testing. Each technician is assessed periodically to ensure compliance with company policies.

Does Woodstone treat the inside of homes too?

Woodstone guarantees the home both inside and outside over general pests. Woodstone will treat inside and outside of your home during the first service, unless the customer prefers outside only. Because pest originate from the outside, Woodstone applies more product on the outside to prevent and control pest activity. As needed or as the customer requests, Woodstone will provide service on the inside.

Does Woodstone’s service have a strong odor like my previous exterminator?

Woodstone’s service comes with no odor to minimal odor.

Can Woodstone’s pest control products damage my vegetation or lawn? What about flooring or carpet?

Woodstone’s pest control solutions provides their customers with a bug-free environment without damaging vegetation to lawns, trees, plants, shrubs or flowers. The treatment also does not damage flooring or carpet.

Will pest control products wash away due to a result of the rain or moisture?

Woodstone Exterminating provides treatment options for best results from rain or moisture. Once the product is dry, the product will resist being washed away by the rain or moisture. The service technician will make an educated decision if weather conditions will allow a pest control application to be performed. If weather conditions do not permit, Woodstone Exterminating will re-schedule the service when weather conditions are sufficient for treatment .

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