Bed Bug Control

Bed Bug Control in Yukon OK and Edmond

Bed Bug Control in Yukon OK and Edmond
by Micah Hoxsie | Apr 26, 2017 | Blog | 0 comments

The last thing you want to share your bed with is bugs. Woodstone Exterminating can help you with bed bug control on Edmond, OKC, Oklahoma City, Piedmont OK or Yukon OK. They are a recommended pest control company and they can help you get rid of critter, pests and bugs. These include bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, scorpions, mice, rodents, spiders, wasps, fleas and more.

Bed bugs not only share your bed. They are parasites and they feed off your blood. Most types of bed bugs will only cause mild itching and rashes but in come cases the consequences of bug bites can be more severe and result in secondary complications. Bed bugs are found in hostels, dorms, residential homes, hotels, hospitals and facilities and places here humans sleep. They spread and move around by hitchhiking in luggage, on people, in furniture and other items.

Bed bug control requires specific steps. A pest control company such as Woodstone Exterminating will do a thorough inspection of your home, dorm, hostel, hotel or guesthouse. This will include beds, mattresses, linen, blankets, duvets, sleeping bags. Apart from bedding, bugs are often found in electrical outlets, furniture, cracks, crevices and similar hiding places.

The pest control company will prepare these items and areas for treatment. Items such as bedding will be washed and disinfected. In some severe cases these items may be discarded and destroyed. Other treatments include spraying chemical repellents. When it comes to bed bug control, follow up treatments and regular inspections are important.
If you suspect you have bed bugs or other pest infestations in on Edmond, OKC, Oklahoma City, Piedmont OK or Yukon OK, then you should contact a pest control and exterminating company. Woodstone Exterminating can help you get rid of unwanted infestations for good.
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