Unless you live in Antarctica, pests and bugs are part of life. Mostly it’s a nuisance factor but it can become a problem if the situation is not controlled. Woodstone Exterminating can help you with pests control, including ant control in Edmond, Mustang OK, OKC, Oklahoma City, Piedmont OK or Yukon OK.


There are difference kinds of ants such as acrobat ants, carpenter ants, odorous ants, pharaoh ants and pavement ants. Irrespective of the type of ant, you don’t want them making your home their home as well.


Ants can be very invasive. A few ants here and there are not a big problem but when they arrive in armies it’s a different matter. In most cases ants live in the ground, but often they will invade your space in search of food and shelter. The more ants you have, the greater the nuisance factor. Apart from the nuisance factor large volumes of ants can cause damage to your property. They could also invade your food stocks, resulting in food waste.

When you have a serious ant invasion it does not help to kill a few ants here and there. To get rid of them, you need to get rid of the colony. Even though the colony might be nested in the ground, enough worker ants can take up temporary residence in wall cavities, underneath your home, in your roof and so on.


Ant control experts such as Woodstone Exterminating will help you get rid of an ant infestation. There have the knowledge, tools and chemicals to get the job done quickly and effectively. From you side you should keep food sources well covered and protected. You should also use ant deterrents at entry points such as windows and doors.